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The GEDB has launched just moments ago! Help us grow by adding your products to the marketplace and telling your friends about us. Thanks so much! -Jeff, Jimmy, and Katie

What’s Bought And Sold On The GEDB?

downloadable courses

Downloadable Courses

Have you written a great document explaining something? Running an online course? Add the course content to the GEDB and share your hard work with the world – with no extra effort at all.




Have you written a book that teachers, parents, students, or school administrators would like? Sell it on the GEDB and reach your target audience.


editable presentations

Editable Presentations

Do you have a great PowerPoint or Apple Pages presentation? Share the template (or even the presentation itself) on the GEDB. You can give it away or charge for access.

apps web tools

Apps & Web Tools

The GEDB is able to offer coupon codes to apps, web tools, and software for any platform. If you’re a developer looking to reach the education market, talk to us.


audio video icon

Audio & Video Files

Do you have a video or audio file that you think others should know about? Sell or give it away on the GEDB and let others enjoy your multimedia efforts!



Event Ticket Discounts

Do you run a conference that would be of interest to educators, students, entrepreneurs, and / or school leaders? Offer a discount via the GEDB and reach your audience.

It doesn’t stop here. You can buy and sell any digital product here – as long as it helps someone else learn. Period.

I wanted to reach educators interested in project-based learning. I added it to the GEDB and it actually got noticed and reviewed!

I have a ton of PowerPoint templates that I use every day. I added them to the GEDB and they’re now used worldwide.

I don’t have time to run an online course but I have a ton of informational videos. Adding them to the GEDB was perfect.